What We Do

Wild Moon Services (WMS) is committed to helping your nonprofit or small business communicate effectively with the world — at a price you can afford.

Our services include:
♦ Website setup and design, including WordPress maintenance and updates;
♦ Document preparation and production; and
♦ Writing, editing, and proofreading.

We will work with you to find a solution to your communication needs that fits into your budget.

Website Setup and Design

WMS can get your website set up and running in as little as a few weeks! And it will be one that YOU can update and maintain yourself, easily and quickly.

How? First we use WordPress, which is a powerful yet easy-to-use platform that can expand with the needs of your organization, and which requires little to no coding. It is easily linked to online donation/payment pages, email signups, and social media.

Second, we recommend a third-party hosting service (our preference is DreamHost) to keep costs down and provide technical support. You own your domain and have control over it, unlike some free sites. And you can manage your own email addresses easily and without hassle.

Third, you’ll get basic training on how to add new content (text, photos, even new pages), update email addresses, and perform basic site maintenance as part of every package.

Design and Words: Having a pretty website isn’t enough. It’s also important to convey your message accurately and concisely in words. Wild Moon Services will help write and edit your web copy so that your organization’s mission and programs shine through!

Website Add-Ons: We have researched and used many low- and no-cost services for email, donation processing, and advocacy. All of our recommendations are compatible with WordPress, so it’s easy to set these up on your site. You don’t need to spend $40 or more per month on extra services when there are solid, lower-cost alternatives, especially for small organizations.

Training: Wild Moon Services offers an introductory training session as part of every contract so that you or your staff can update your site easily and quickly and not have to pay for every change you want to make. It also saves valuable time, since you won’t have to explain to someone what you want, review it, and then approve it.

Document Creation and Preparation

WMS has long experience in creating professional-looking, easy-to-use, and easy-to-read documents. We can work with your printhouse to supply digital documents ready for printing.

Fillable PDF Forms: If you have paper or digital forms that you send to other organizations, clients, volunteers, staff, customers, or others, you know how important it is that they be easy to complete and understand. If they’re digital, they must be able to be saved. And forms requiring digital signatures must be easy to save and transmit.

We work with you to create form documents from your current files, update existing forms, or design new forms to fit your needs. From a simple return form for donations to a complex request for assistance, from an employment application to a consent form, we can create forms for digital use, to print out in your office, or to send to a print house as part of a mass mailing.

Document Formatting:  Long documents with complex formatting can be a challenge to produce. Keeping track of styles, indents, section and page numbering, and myriad other details is often headache-inducing.

WMS can help you produce professional, easily-read documents — whether you need a document’s formatting reviewed for consistency or a whole new style sheet created and applied, a table of contents created, or a document set up from scratch.

Writing, Editing, and Proofreading

Clear, concise writing with no grammatical or typographical errors is critical to presenting your organization’s best face. All written communication conveys the kind of organization it comes from.

Proofreading is difficult but important (read our blog entry about why that is). Few people can accurately proofread their own writing, especially after several rewrites and internal edits.

Wild Moon Services can help you with one-time proofreading and editing of a single document or set of documents, read through your website or other digital channel and check for typos and grammatical errors, or set up a long-term arrangement to proof and edit documents on a regular basis. We work quickly and accurately with a keen eye for detail.

Contact us today to discuss how Wild Moon Services can make your communication shine!

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